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Welcome to Rostock – the Hanseatic seaside city in the sun! Living here, directly on the Baltic seaboard, you will immerse yourself in a rich maritime way of life, surrounded by splendid brick architecture, historic townhouses and medieval city gates. In addition to the impressive Brick Gothic art, Rostock will amaze you with its colourful cultural scene, which includes theatres, museums and festivals as well as leisure amenities on and out of the water.

Indeed, the “Hanseatic and University City of Rostock,” as it calls itself, combines the advantages of a major city with the charm of a seaside resort. The Baltic Sea resort town of Warnemünde is one of the northern districts of the Hanseatic City of Rostock and home to the city’s port, creating a holiday ambience any time of year with its broad beachfront promenade. Impressive edifices from the days of the Hanseatic League include the historic warehouses at the eastern end of the city’s port which today doubles as prestigious setting for corporate headquarters and events. The western part of the city harbour features a diversified gastronomic and cultural landscape whose theatres, music and art appeals equally to locals, new arrivals and tourists. The promenade is, of course, the perfect place for strolling and breathing some ocean air.


Condominium in Rostock as Income-Producing Property in a Popular Historic Town Centre

The apartment building at Ottostrasse 14 is located right in the historic town centre with its brick churches, narrow lanes, gabled houses and near the Abbey of the Holy Cross. The popular historic location is part of the Kröpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt district, home to around 19,000 residents.

A short walk along the well-groomed townhouses will take you to the centre of the city, the riverside promenade with its restaurants and bars as well as to the greenery of Lindenpark. The lifeline of this district is Kröpeliner Strasse, a high street great for browsing, shopping and eating out. Formerly a working class district, the area is now a trendy quarter and, given its proximity to the university, a sought-after residential location with an open-minded atmosphere. Among the most compelling features of the listed property on Ottostrasse, aside from its sought-after location, are the bright and well-appointed Belle Époque façade and the stairwell with its turned handrails. On footprints of 42 to 50 square metres, the tenant occupied two-bedroom flats with their nifty floor plans radiate a feel-good ambience that is ideal for a younger target group.


Buying a Condominium in Rostock’s Hansaviertel Neighbourhood: Green and Family-Friendly Homes

The property on Karl-Marx-Strasse 40 is located near the Kröpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt district in a family-friendly part of the Hansaviertel area defined by classic multi-unit dwellings. This district is characterised by its proximity to green areas and sports facilities, convenient access to retail venues and transport links. It is a simultaneously easygoing and central location, with excellent public transportation access (bus and rail). A particular highlight for biology buffs: The Botanical Garden of the University of Rockock is only 500 metres away.

Karl-Marx-Str. 40

For anyone who likes to exercise in their spare time, Hansaviertel is the perfect place to live. Ideally located near the centre of Rostock, the district with its various sports facilities is arguably representative of the sportive side of Rostock. Active people young and old feel at home here, where choices include a well-equipped track and field facility, a large indoor track, an indoor ice-skating rink and several green outdoor areas. Those who love plant life will find the Botanical Garden nearby, just 500 metres from the property at Karl-Marx-Strasse 40. Hansaviertel is a district of short distances, whether you are heading for the store or a break in the park.

Ottostraße 14

From working class district to trendy quarter – this is the story of Rostock’s Kröpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt district. With a population of more than 19,000 residents, the district lies west of the medieval town core and south of the Unterwarnow section of the river. It owes its name to Rostock’s historic main western city gate, Kröpeliner Tor. During the late nineteenth century, this became a centrally located residential area, especially for the working class. Today, it has become a hip quarter attracting a growing inflow of new residents.

Mühlendamm 22-23

The historic Belle Époque building at Mühlendamm 22-23 lies on the edge of the locality Östliche Altstadt, the east end of the historic town centre, from where a five-minute walk takes you to the riverbank and another five minutes to the historic city port or the old market square, Alter Markt. 

Petridamm 13b


The three-storey multi-unit dwelling on Petridamm with its warm, bright-orange-coloured façade is part of a colourful ensemble of period buildings in the Dierkow-Ost district. It was built in 1928 and redeveloped in 2000. Here, you will be living in a green setting directly next to a nature preserve while still within convenient reach of the amenities of city life.

Dethardingstraße 88

The four-storey multi-unit dwelling at Dethardingstrasse 88 is centrally located in the popular and vibrant Hansaviertel neighbourhood. Constructed in 1935, it represents a classic 1930es tenement, located close to the sports facilities that the city is known for even beyond the state boundary, as well as to the hospital and campus of the University of Rostock.

Soester Straße 5

Are you planning to buy a piece of property for yourself or as private investment? This four-storey multi-unit dwelling at Soester Strasse 5 was raised in 1935, the year when Rostock officially became a major city.

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