The expansion of Dierkow-Ost began in the late 1920s. On generously zoned parcels that were meant to ensure self-sufficiency by letting you grow your own fruit and vegetables or even keep small livestock, detached and semi-detached homes were raised, mostly built of brick but also in the style of northern German period buildings. Today, Dierkow-Ost is a booming urban district of the Hanseatic city and campus town of Rostock on the Baltic Sea.

The sought-after hilltop location of Dierkower Höhe in the east end of Rostock is known not only within the state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania for its lovely sea view but also for the robust Nordic architecture of its period buildings from the Belle Époque. Petridamm, one of the main arteries and one of the most frequented cycle routes in Rostock, directly passes the nature reserve of Riekdahler Wiese. Inspired by environmental awareness, not just the network of bicycle trails but Dierkow-Ost in general is being groomed for the federal horticultural show BUGA 2025, together with the opposite bank of the River Warnow and the historic city port.

Leisure and sports facilities as well as the attractively landscaped green areas will upgrade the district and enhance its liveability. Add to this the healthy seaside climate with its fresh air and many leisure options: Along the bank of the Warnow you can go fishing, kite-surfing, wind-surfing, rowing, sailing and swimming at the river lido.

Condominium in Dierkow: Invest in the Fast-Growing Real Estate Market of Rostock

Take tourism, trade, biotech, wind power or other trend-setting industries – the largest city of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania boasts a vibrant labour market and is growing at a brisk pace. The average disposable household income in Rostock is a net amount of 2,400 euros per month. Many of the new arrivals in Rostock hunt for accommodation in Dierkow-Ost while a growing number of locals take advantage of the low level of interest to buy property here as well. It is safe to say that real estate here, regardless of its age, will appreciate quickly. The flats along Petridamm are fully occupied at present, and it will always be easy to find tenants in the area, not least because it is getting greener and prettier by the day.


Buying a Condominium in Rostock Dierkow: Close to the Historic Market Square and City Port

Close to Petridamm lies the Holzhalbinsel peninsula that hosts a modern shopping centre complete with pharmacy, bakery and several supermarkets. No matter how you travel—on foot, by car, by bus—it takes no more than 10 minutes to get here. A 20-minute walk takes you to the Östliche Altstadt locality, the east end of the historic town centre with the old market square and St. Peter’s Church, which towers over the Warnow, built on a river island. On route there you will pass the historic port with its many cafés, restaurant and shopping venues.

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Our Movie: The Purchase of a Property with Accentro
Our Movie: The Purchase of a Property with Accentro