For anyone who likes to exercise in their spare time, Hansaviertel is the perfect place to live. Ideally located near the centre of Rostock, the district with its various sports facilities is arguably representative of the sportive side of Rostock. Active people young and old feel at home here, where choices include a well-equipped track and field facility, a large indoor track, an indoor ice-skating rink and several green outdoor areas. Those who love plant life will find the Botanical Garden nearby, just 500 metres from the property at Karl-Marx-Strasse 40. Hansaviertel is a district of short distances, whether you are heading for the store or a break in the park.

Generally speaking, Hansaviertel with its population of 8,500 divides into three core areas: The sports complex around the stadium, the university hospital, and Barnstorfer Forest. Especially the loosely structured development, the sound transport links via bus and rapid transit system and the proximity to the city’s “green lung” make this district so liveable and likeable. Although it is the smallest district in Rostock with an area of just two square kilometres, it is an easy-going place to live. For children, the nearest preschool, several grammar schools and a sports school are within easy reach. This makes homeownership in Hansaviertel particularly popular among families. The quarter is defined by a historically grown and harmonious neighbourhood spirit.

Its built-up areas are dominated by multi-unit dwellings with plenty of greenery around them and a peaceful atmosphere in general. Commuting by bus to downtown Rostock takes only ten minutes, and you do not really need a car here to remain mobile. The same is suggested by the availability of local amenities in the immediate vicinity of Karl-Marx-Strasse. They include a pastry shop, two supermarkets, cafés and restaurants, a post office and bank branch along with other amenities that make your day-to-day errands as convenient as possible.

Important institutions and employers of Hansaviertel include the medical faculty of the university and the German Navy, which operates a facility on Kopernikusstrasse. The centrality and the green residential setting make Hansaviertel a sought-after place to live that is particularly popular with families, students, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. The decision to buy a condominium in Rostock’s Hansaviertel district therefore promises lots of liveability and a worthy addition to your retirement plan.

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Our Movie: The Purchase of a Property with Accentro
Our Movie: The Purchase of a Property with Accentro